Meet Petra Webstein

Hello, nice to meet you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reveal a little more about me to you.

Since my earliest childhood I was aware of the different energies that people carry unconsciously, use to achieve things, are afraid of and so forth. And as a child this was very confusing to me. There was my soul and spirit talking to me as well as my parents, teachers and other significant people in my life. It seemed that in order to be in this world, one needs to function, so eventually all effort was put in this.

Still there was that quiet, beautiful & nuturing space that kept calling but soon was neglegted and put aside as luxury I could not afford and certainly not share in the world that surrounded me. Only the animals seem to understand and appreciate that space.

Crimson CircleWhile being interested and engaged in "normal" activities like administration, IT & web design services, graphic design and real estate, I always nurtured my other side by introducing the bachflowers into Switzerland in 1984, becoming a Reiki Master in 1990, becoming an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique™ practicioner) in 1998 and becoming a spiritual teacher for several organisations, also teaching the various subjects / modalities all over the world. All these learnings helped me to explore myself and put together my very own approach and offering - 

dancingwithmyhorsesAlso since 2008 my horses have had an enourmous influence on my personal development hence in the work I am doing, teaching me what is means to find the NOW moment and perceiving very differently, finding compassion and inspiration through the shared moment, so much so that I dedicated a special website to them -

mastering alchemy corporate logo2012 was the year that brought Mastering Alchemy in my life to help me complete and bring together all of me in a way I only dreamt to be possible. My intensive studies in this subject are still giving me the opportunity to experience myself in a much more expanded way.

I discovered my unique qualities to accept people where they are and who they are, hence providing a much yearned space for somebody to feel welcome, home, accepted and whole. It allows people to start liking themselves for who they are and discovering and opening aspects to them they only dreamt off.

I now live on a bigger property in Western Australia together with my horses and some other animals. I have opened the door to people to come and stay with me for much needed respite and opening / expansion of themselves to experience a new you. -

Playing together with Freya Schafer in this Triangular Coaching allows me to be part of something very powerful, joyful & expansive and step out of the "lonesome wolf" position thus creating a platform that I would call unique. Who gets to experience a session with two such powerful beings that through merging with each other provide a platform that is very well balanced?